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    Even if parent requested the tests for assessment are:

    1. Does the child have SEND. – the medical diagnosis may or may not qualify here.
    2. Is provision necessary for special educational provision to be made for the child in accordance with an EHCP.

    As per SEN CoP 6.63 “to inform its decision the la will expect to see evidence of action taken as part of SEN Support”

    So if you are currently meeting needs, within Notional Budget, there may not be grounds for assessment.

    LA can only reasonably look at “here and now” and not iwhag May be in 2 years time, so unless supporting agencies state it is required planning for transition eg in late Y5 or early Y6, then now might not be the right time.

    Reassure parents you will work with support of professionals to determine when that right time will be 😉