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    Hi. it’s not too late!!!

    I am a senco and also teach GCSE French. Last year i contacted AQA about a boy with a stammer and how could I go about getting adjustments.
    This is their reply:

    Hi Alison,

    Many apologies for the delay in replying. You can apply for extra time up to 100% by emailing us, just give reasons and any evidence to support this if you have anything, which subject/level and the candidate name and number.

    I then sent this email (below) along with some sound clips:

    Good afternoon
    With reference to the below.

    The centre number is *****
    The candidate number is *****
    The exam specification is GCSE French 8658 component 2 speaking

    He has a stammer which is worse when under pressure. I think 50% extra time would be ideal, rather then 100% . If you listen to the sound file he starts to stammer towards the end of the clip. The stammer gets worse when he is tired or has an audience too. I don’t think the roleplay or photocard would be affected as the time limit is generous, just the conversation element. It doesn’t actually sound too bad as he wasn’t in an exam situation. In a situation of stress the stammer appears to be acute.

    I look forward to your instruction.

    they emailed back and he got the 50%.. I did all this in APRIL 2022 for the speaking test in May.