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    The short answer is yes – he can have extra time.
    You can paint a picture of need and then when/if the application is automatically rejected, you can refer it on. You all then get a box in which you can add additional evidence. In my experience , this results an approval a day – a few days later.
    The real issue is to carefully consider what support the student really needs and uses. This is why it is so important to esatablish a normal way of working, to be confident that the correct support has been established.
    It is really reinforced that prior to considering extra time, rest breaks be considered. It is the case, especially with slow processing slow /speed of working that extra time is needed – not rest breaks.
    So bearing in mind that you have established this, and that he needs and uses extra time in class, that this is his normal way of working:

    Also assuming that this student does not have an EHCP or a medical diagnosis ADHD, ASD, a or a diagnosis from a medical consultant which lays out a need for extra time), they must:

    have 2 scores below average (SS 85) in 2 different areas
    1 below average and 1 low average score in 2 different areas
    In exceptional circumstances:
    have 2 below average scores in 2 different areas
    in rare and exceptional circumstances and in addition have a diagnostic report dated not before the beginning of yr 9
    have 3 low average scores
    ….the intention is always to authorise support if it is really needed and used. Do not be daunted by an automatic rejection online but go ahead with a referral and paint a picture of need in the evidence box.
    (see the guidelines for extra time in the JCQ document: Access arrangements and reasonable adjustments. Pg 30 on..)