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Before a social story is introduced, it is worth talking to all of the adults involved about giving instructions rather than asking questions. The child needs to know that sometimes it is a question but when a grown-up tells you to put your coat on, that is an instruction. I have found when working with nursery and reception children that it is better to say, “It is time to put on your coat”, rather than, “Can you put your coat on?” or “I would like you to put your coat on”. Using “it is time to..” as a start to your instructions usually works well, especially when backed up by a visual timetable.

Sometimes a trusted grown-up (like my mummy or my teacher) will ask me a question.
The question might be “Do you want a drink?” or “Would you like to play with the bricks?”
I can choose if I want those things.
It is okay to say “no” to a question if I don’t want those things.
Sometimes I need to do what a grown-up says to keep myself safe.
A trusted grown-up might say, “It is time to go home” or “We are going to hold hands when we cross the road”
These are not questions.
When a trusted grown-up tells me what to do, I will follow the instruction.
I will follow the instruction to keep myself safe.

Good Luck!