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I paid for a private assessment for my daughter about 4 years ago because my GP wouldn’t refer. She was in year 10. Once we had the diagnosis, CAMHS took her on and prescribed medication.

Yes she has a poor working memory, she also has dyslexic traits and Irlens (the pink tint on her glasses helps enormously, whatever the research says – listening to her read with and without them is astonishing). When assessed for dyslexia age 7 she was found to have good phonological abilities (94th percentile) but she still uses phonetic spelling at 17.. General intelligence was 84th percentile but she failed her maths SATs in year 6 as she only completed half the paper (passed the GCSE with a 6 over Covid, with extra time & movement breaks). Working memory – 17th percentile.

The diagnosis of ADD (,not ADHD) was helpful but the medication has been life changing. Her work colleagues (and I!) can tell when it wears off as she gets impulsive and silly.

At school, unmedicated, she was in trouble constantly for chatting, back chatting, chewing gum, and generally messing around. Now, she’s doing a mechatronics maintenance apprenticeship with a big car manufacturer and she’s one of the top performing apprentices in her year. By the time she’s 20, she’ll be on 40k a year!

I wish she could have been medicated much younger as her anxiety has also reduced, and she no longer has as many migraines.

Strong medication like Equasym xl is not for everyone but for us it’s given her a future; she’s not academic, reading and writing are a struggle, but she is bright.