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We’re talking ADHD, I guess. Which might be better in a small class size??? Do the parents feel it will go away at the private school? I do know people who have moved their children to my local (fairly high profile) public school as day pupils for this reason – one was very dyslexic, but sporty (parents both GPs, sisters remained in state school and became Dr and a vet) and another pupil who was bright, but very hyperactive ADHD. They both felt their children did much better at the private setting.

In my own setting, if I add a child to the SEND register this automatically changes their census code to K which would be on the Electronic File Transfer to the new school (CTF) sent when they register at the new school on their first day, and this triggers a request from the new school on the system to send the CTF.

Whether this happens at private schools I don’t know as they maybe don’t take part in the census or use UPNs? I have no idea about that. I do know it happens AFTER they get there.

As a parent, my question would be, how can this school meet my child’s identified needs? And – as a mum of a teen with ADD / dyslexia who’s doing much better at an engineering apprenticeship where reasonable adjustments are made than they ever did at a UTC high school school where they mostly weren’t – them not wanting to try would be a big hurdle for me.