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    Hi Amy, Thanks so much for your offer of help. The parents, as I said, are very supportive however, they have had two bad experiences with their older child’s SEN status and a private school and are therefore understandably nervous about agreeing to put their youngest on the SEN register. Their younger daughter has some behaviour problems mainly around attention and needs an ISP but not an EHCP. It is possible that her needs may be met and she comes off the SEN register, but obviously there is no guarantee. The question I need to answer is a legal one which is can parents refuse permission for us to share their daughter’s SEN status with a new school? Or not? I don’t want to pull the wool over their eyes I just want to be honest with them as I want to build up this trust with them. It may be after time they decide that they are happy to share the SEN status with the new school, but this is not the case at the moment.