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Amy you need to build a level of trust with the parents. Yes chlidren can be added to removed from the register and interventions can be shared. Lets talk about why you want her on the register? What is the concern? Then consider the strategies that you embed with the child – are they life long or is it a short term basis?

I used to work in a private school and they had no body on their register until I arrived apart from two physically impaired children. I had to train staff from scratch about ASD needs. Parents grew such big trust in me they all started coming to the fee paying school.

You must find a way to support parents and without their consent nothing really moves forward, all you will have is in class support strategies that the teacher and TA will have to implement.

Message me if you want me to help you with this. I feel the questions I have added in here should get you to think outside of the box and win the parents over.