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It is compulsory to study a language at KS3 so disapplying children for alternative interventions ( not specifically linked to the MFL subject or EHCP provision ) is wrong.

I am a SENCO and previously have been a head of MFL. Languages are always the first to be considered too difficult or the easy ones to opt out of ( even when contrary to the NC) . But its also really missing the point. 50% of MFL leaning is listening and speaking and does not rely on any reading or writing meaning it is much MORE accessible to lots of SEND students. Especially with all the rote leaning and rhyming repetition. MFL is more accessible to most SEND students than a high literacy subject like history which requires so much speed processing, holding vast amounts of information and large chunks of reading and writing.

Anyway, I could bang on about this for ever, but in short, unless the student has an EHCP which specifies disapplication of a language ( and I’d be very surprised to find one that does) it is VERY questionable to fully disapply from MFL at KS3. Interventions at secondary are best rotated across the curriculum to avoid the problems of how to reintegrate. Oftsed would also raise eyebrows.