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Hi there, I have a child with sensitivities too. Her needs seem to change a lot. Like one type of underwear is ok for a while but then, no, they are no longer ok. Then it’s back to the drawing board of spending a lot of money on different types and sizes of underwear. At one point it was ladies underwear with bobbles attached to the sides to stop them falling down. She is 5 years old !! We have issues with socks, seams, trousers and shoes are a big one!! She will only wear trainers or wellies 2 sizes too big. Now yesterday, she wanted tights which gave chunky toe seams. Tights, which I used to have to cut the feet off.

We get seamless underwear from marks and Spencer’s, school trousers like yoga pants from there too. Socks are from the sock shop online. Will the child in question wear a thermal top underneath the loose top? Shoes that are two sizes too big so still have toe freedom??