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What if one SENCo is really experienced in say autism or adhd and the other SENCo has lots of training in dyslexia for example? Year 7 (new intake), year 11 (exams, access arrangements, revision timetable support etc.) and sixth form (transition, new pupils etc.) might be the busiest years but keeping the same SENCo throughout the school might be fantastic for pupils, who might struggle to express their feelings well and their families could build up a long term rapport.
Maybe coordinate regular staff meetings, enabling staff to liaise and support each other. I know some people see meetings as a waste of time, but people could share concerns and get support, further if you have regular meetings and a staff member is poorly, their colleague could bridge the gap for a week possibly in an emergency. Ofsted are looking more closely SEND so great that there are possibilities that management recruit more people for the job..