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    Don’t underestimate the impact of the parental loss. It’s massive and affects progress for a long time. There may have been long standing trauma running up the death depending the circumstances also .

    If she seems dazed / doesn’t recall she could be having absences. She could have auditory memory or processing difficulties which many SALTs are not specialised in.

    How is she socially? Do you feel neurodevelopmental assessment is appropriate? Have you contacted the previous school to ask what she was like there or records of support and referral?
    Can she do non-verbal reasoning tasks eg jigsaws?
    Has she responded to eg positive play?

    In my area there’s a CAMHS SCA who you can have a formal or informal chat with, and who can signpost you to the best service.

    The EP would be a very good person to refer to, and will understand trauma, but also I would want to rule out any physical issue such as epilepsy.