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    Lots of what I was going to say has already been posted but we went through a very similar situation with a Year 2 who has now moved into Year 3. Things that really worked for us were:
    – Social Stories (games, rules, winning and losing, fairness, taking turns…. many stories!)
    – Working with our ELSA to build understanding of emotional literacy, especially recognising emotions
    – Time building up to games – 1:1, then small group, then wider group
    – Being really clear and firm about consequences – 2 minutes of playtime missed to have a restorative conversation if he was unkind, or damaged anything
    – Lots of work on Zones of Regulation (whole class and 1:1)
    – We involved our EP and an outreach teacher that supports us as the child was quite violent at times and successfully applied for an exceptional needs grant to support the child at this time.