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Hi Charlotte,

I echo what’s already been said about social stories, sensory play and using the Zones of Regulation. It’s useful to build up an emotional vocabulary with visuals for the child so they can identify how they’re feeling in the moment, and how they felt at the time they hit. Debrief with the child after each incident and make sure you have an appropriate consequence for them i.e. they can’t be line leader that day because they hit and maybe they can tomorrow, or something more immediate – they can be line leader at the end of the day and not before.

Daniel Tiger videos on hitting and emotions are really useful. They are song based, age appropriate and engaging (you’ll have the songs stuck in your head) and they really nail the message about self-regulation. They also provide strategies.


You might also consider working with him and possibly the class on brainstorming “what are hands for” and making a lovely wee sign for the class. Hands are for touching, for picking things up, for playing, etc.

If the child’s speech is affected by their hearing impairment i.e. their intelligibility, consider teaching them and the class some basic signs. We’ve used baby sign with some of our students previously and it worked really well.

Maybe do an ABC observation regularly in the hopes of catching him or identifying triggers and sensory profile.

Hope this helps.