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Hi Charlotte,

I would try using a social story with him- I have a child at my setting who sounds similar to the boy you described, and the social story helps a lot. We go through it with him at least 3x a day, and following any hitting incidents. The structure of the story is- X can have a safe and calm body at school. When X has a safe and calm body he doesn’t hit. Hands are for helping. When X has a safe and calm body he doesn’t push. Hands are for clapping (etc).

Could it be that his hearing is hindering him from using language to interact with pupils? Maybe also try teaching and practicing scripts with him i.e. ‘Can I play with you?’ and role play a few scenarios. Depending on the age and and level of understanding of the child, comic strip conversations may also work.

If he is very sensory seeking- trying sensory circuits x2 day might help as well- particularly if he likes the feeling of pressure (giving or receiving). Including things like wall push ups and a weighted blanket or rolling a yoga ball over him whilst laying down would help him meet these sensory needs.