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Hearing impaired children are often very physical and can find social skills hard.

Have you also ruled out other causes of impulsivity / social communication deficits?

He may need a sensory diet – OT can advise on this – sounds like he seems deep pressure and may be under receptive to proprioceptive/vestibular input. “Heavy work ” might also be helpful.

If difficulties are during less structured times or transitions give him more structure in these times/ lots of preparation for a transition / get him in a few mins early to do a job etc

Programmes like Zones of Regulation, Lego Therapy, Superflex, Time To Talk can build a better understanding of social use of language /self regulation skills. Circle of friends might also be useful.

I sometimes use “Fort Able” from Carol Gray’s social story book – you make “rooms” in Fort Able where you can go in your brain when you feel uncomfortable to get more comfortable.