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As with any screener, do bear in mind that they can give false negative results. I have had a few students over the years who have been screened with a result of ‘no dyslexic traits’ and have subsequently been thoroughly assessed by Educational Psychologists snd shown to be severely dyslexic. You should be able to see the discrepancy from your own observation and evidence .
I was sitting beside a child in Year 3 when speech marks was the topic. He couldn’t insert them in the right place so I dug a little deeper and it turned out that he had no idea about prepositions of place so didn’t understand the instructions of where to place the punctuation
Computer based screeners have their place but your observations play a very important part.
Steve Chinn has books with assessments that you can do yourself which will give you a deeper understanding of how the child is processing information.
I have forgotten the name of another online screener which also offers work linked to the findings – can’t remember the name but someone else might.