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Use the graduated approach and collate evidence – WHAT IS IN PLACE, WHAT IS BEING ACCESSED?
Monitor the effectiveness of the interventions that have been implemented.
Present the child on a 1:1 where possible or outside of classes interventions, show how this works better,
A report commenting on all areas of need and what the child is able to do, more than likely it will be below age developmental stages.
Provide a provision map, showcasing all interventions and how many times per week this occurs
The TAs input which should be more off timetable than on timetable
Request for assessment from CAHMS in suitable areas of needs – OT/SALT/PHYSIO and most definitely EP.
Refer to the correct ages and stages of development according to child needs.

If you want more support contact local offer and charities. SEND advisory teachers input is great for intervention and PLPs.

This will all measure progress and provide an accurate pic of child x.

I have noted when parents apply, they are more likely rejected and the school has to support re-appeal with evidence.