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Agree with the other comments above.

Do you think that the child needs an EHCP?
What is your evidence and what external professional reports and inputs have you?

I’m afraid, I’m hearing and seeing a number of reports about children not getting EHCP when they should and this may be a post code lottery 🙁

You need to collect evidence in school to support what extra support and what extra costs are associated etc as well as evidence of child’s needs and why they need an EHCP, ….

Plus, ask the parent to talk to other organisations that can support, so a national charity that has a helpline to parents based on child need e.g. deaf https://www.ndcs.org.uk/ , autism the NAS https://www.autism.org.uk/, etc as they will have info to help and know the type of support for children who have such diagnosis.

Point the parents to general charities


If the child has an identified disability then that is a good starting point but many don’t have the “label” identified and these children have a need but can struggle to get the support, so you need evidence and external reports and input.

If they wish to appeal, there is a process and there are timelines, so look at sites like https://educationadvocacy.co.uk/what-is-a-ehcp/appeals/ these orgs will give “free hour” consultations and they would charge if they were to support in the process. So also point the parents to citizens advice as they may know what free support is available.

The other font of information for the parents is a support group, so point them to your LA local Offer and the local Parent Forum as they may be able to support the parents and signpost what is on offer in your region.

It’s one of those situations where you can ask a lot of people about how to help in order to find the one that can and is able to help the family

Good luck,