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    Hello Ashley,

    I’m not a SENCO but am Head of Education at KAZ Type, an education software company. A lot of our SENCOs and Assessors really promote our neuro-diverse touch typing software to their learners, as not only does it offer an alternate way to get thoughts down on to paper but also boosts literacy, improving reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation. Many SENCOs have found that learning to spell by using finger patterns can be a very effective way to build literacy skills.

    Our online course consists of five modules and is a tutorial in itself. Learners simply need to start at the top and work through each module in order. Administrators do not have to be specialists or know how to type and can monitor progress via their admin panel.

    The course was developed by the Dyslexia Research Trust and some of its specialised features include: Multi-sensory approach, Specialised Preference Screen – minimising visual disturbances, Accelerated Learning teaching method and our new upload feature, where teachers can upload spellings of the week/problematic words via their admin panel, allowing learners to learn spelling and touch typing simultaneously.

    I hope you feel our software may be able to help. To read more, please visit: