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Don’t take it!!

I was paid UPS plus SEN for teaching in an enhanced Resource. Moved to new school to be SENCO teaching SEMH interventions 12 hours a wk for UPS plus TLR (slight pay increase but not much maybe £200).

I’m on SLT and have ended up teaching in another enhanced Resource but 0.5/ SENCO 0.5 without even getting the SEN allowance & no job share ie 100% responsible for the ERS but only in there 9.5 managing TAs who run it without me the rest of the week. Plus 2 subjects to lead. Absolute nightmare. I’m close to breaking and considering leaving teaching altogether because it’s just too much!!!!

I also doubt I’ll get paid extra when I complete NASENCO in January!

In my opinion, the offer reflects the value the school places in SEN leadership and by extension on you when you lead it. You’ll be battling constantly.