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    A difficulty for the school is to show they haven’t got the resources to cover the costs in F in the EHCP. No doubt the LA would argue that the school has a delegated SEN budget meant to cover SEN funding. In days gone by the LA fully funded the then ‘statement’ Not so today sadly. Some schools have disproportionate numbers of EHCP’s – well above the national average. It”s all very unfair and works against so many pupils with SEN . This is perhaps the main reason why there has been an explosion in the number of appeals to Tribunal This has been well documented in the House of Commons Education Committee SEND First Report of Session 2019/20 (A good, though depressing bedtime read. Google if you have the time )
    In respect of the law concerning the requirement for EHCPs to be specific and quantified google The Noddy Guide to SEN Law. There is a good section on this as well as lots of other info – perhaps somewhat technical.
    Should you wish to have training on a simple, and easy way to achieve an EHC needs assessment I would be more than willing to help. This might seem somewhat at odds with convention but trust me if both parent and school think the pupil needs an EHCNA I can almost guarantee you will get one. MY training – perhaps 2 hours and completely free.