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Yes we count key working once per week. However in terms of interventions etc, our LA told us that if the support is shared, it counts as less. Obviously we ignore that in the classroom, but if 6 kids came to h.w club (twice per week) for 1 hour that would only count for 20 mins, not 2 hours. It seems like you guys haven’t heard this though so maybe we will start putting it down.

I totally agree it is not appropriate in secondary to be with them all the time but it is the parents. It is also the fact that kids who should be in specialist aren’t and they need so much support in order to prevent dysregulation and often violent behaviour, sometimes running off school site. The first thing parents say is where was the LSA.

Do you count SENCo planning time/parental meetings/staff liaison as part of their hours? I might use that too.