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    This is standard unfortunately. I am currently fighting with my local authority to put ££ on the plan NOT hours. For a 32.5 hour EHCP we receive £15,775.00 which equates to around 16 hours of support. Of course we are supposed to find the magic £6k, but that does not really exist in most schools and would only cover the existence of SEN and pastoral teams and on-costs etc. I am very honest and up-front with parents from the outset. Tell them how much money you get and what that affords, also reference the Maximising the Impact of TAs research and the focus on promoting self-directed independent learning etc. The system is totally flawed and designed to send us poor SENCOs insane! Needs central government to re-think how EHCP mainstream secondary funding works – and what those plans look like. ALL the research says students should be in all their lessons, any withdrawal intervention disadvantages them. Priority should be supporting teachers to plan strategies in lessons, make reasonable adjustments and maybe some form time intervention. I could write an essay on this. My main advice is honesty with the parents over funding.