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    Thanks all. I think we will start including homework club in the hours. Good shout with that.

    Basically a school gets £6k per student anyway which I am under the impression pays for everything including teacher salaries etc. So to say that we as a school need to use that to fund one student’s hours does not seem to take I to account that this money is already accounted for. So for a child with 15 hours, it works out at like £3k a year for an LSA. It just doesn’t add up.

    I did once have a complaint go to our LA and we had an online meeting and they said we had to give the hours. However, we honestly could not provide 32 as there are not enough as the child did not want lunch time supervision or want to come to h.w club. Once he settled better, parents laid off.

    It does seem to only go noticed when the child starts struggling for one reason, not necessarily something that could be helped with just LSA support but the parents feel this is just the be all and end all.

    We now have parents asking their child every day how many LSAs they had. But like you say, I am now beginning to think they may as well go and complain to the LA because what can they do.

    Adding to this, our LA has asked all schools in the area to give back 1% of their SEND budget to pay their debt off. It is £100k 😂. Honestly, it just feels like a constant upward battle as SENCo atm. It’s good to know I’m not the only one though!