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Cate, you need to familiarise yourself with the JCQ regulations for 22/23
Joint Council for Qualifications
https://www.jcq.org.uk › AA…PDF
Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments – JC

– Part 1 of the form 8 should be completed in advance of an EP assessment for you to use their assessment scores. The EPs details should be on record at the school as you must establish a working relationship with them to use their assessment in relation to AA. With the Access Arrangements Online (AAO) portal you’ll need to specify who the assessor was and what date the assessment was done. The EP should have an understanding of their Part 1 of the form 8 and then Part 2 can be completed. You then do Part 3.
– 25% extra time SS must come from tests of different abilities so you can’t use two low scores relating to reading for them to qualify for ET, it must be one score from reading, one from a test of processing speed, writing speed, or spelling score for example.
-The student must have completed a data privacy notice form before the AAO can be processed.
-You need to have evidence establishing their normal ways of working, e.g. SENCo statement, copies of internal assessments, feedback from teachers, IEPs or other equilivant documentation.

The second part of your question:
-Teachers should be aware of the requirements of the papers for their subjects and whether marks are awarded for SPaG, so they can mark accordingly. Typically I would encourage pupils to attempt the creative writing element of the English Language paper without the spelling support, but use it for everything else as they can pick up extra marks here. Support for spelling tends to be useful in subjects where difficult to spell specific vocabulary is required to get the marks e.g. in Science or Humanities.
If you wish to look at WP with spell check, voice to text, or a scribe, the child must have a spelling SS of 84 or below, in conjunction with evidence of normal way of working.

Hopefully this helps.