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Regarding your question about the marking of spelling errors in work by students with dyslexia, there is a balance to be struck between encouraging students to commit their ideas to paper (work full of spelling corrections can be very discouraging) and preparing them for the reality of marks deducted for poor spelling in those GCSE subjects where SPaG marks apply.

A key issue for the individual should be, in my opinion, ‘Did I successfully communicate?” rather than “Did I spell everything correctly?” If a teacher cannot understand what has been written, then the student should be enabled to use technology (word processor with spellcheck/speech-to-text/predictive typing software) and, as their “normal way of working,” this would be part of their access arrangements. If the teacher can understand misspellings in the main, then the student should be encouraged to not worry about losing a few marks because of SPaG and instead be encouraged to be as ambitious as they can be in using challenging vocabulary, rather than opting for ‘safe’ spellings. So the teaching strategy will not focus on correcting spelling mistakes in either case – this is a largely negative form of feedback that is extremely unlikely to promote better spelling.