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You can find really useful information on eligible tests in the Patoss book ‘Assessing the need for access arrangements in examinations: a practical guide 6th edition’. If you’re using measures of oral reading, you’ll need to be sure that they measure reading speed (continuous text), so this could include reading rate, reading fluency and reading comprehension speed.

Dyslexic pupils who are struggling with spelling may be eligible to apply for a scribe, a word processor with spellcheck enabled, or speech recognition technology as an exam access arrangement, if their spelling attempts are unrecognisable. There are details of this in the JCQ regulations, section 5.7.

If you’d like to find out more about assessing for access arrangements, Patoss has a range of available courses, including ‘Understanding and applying for exam access arrangements for those new to the role’ or ‘Developing your skills as an access arrangements assessor’ – go to https://www.patoss-dyslexia.org/JCQ-Access-Arrangements-CPD-2022/23 for further details.

Or, if you’d like to qualify as an exam access arrangements assessor, we’re now taking bookings for our popular Assessing for Access Arrangements (AAA) course – see https://www.patoss-dyslexia.org/Online/aaa-assessing-for-access-arrangements/6452?OccId=21077 for details and an application form.