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As a school, we received our Ofsted visit in December 2021. I was not asked to present a case study but I went into the meeting with the inspector with a handful – I had not had time to prepare one for each EHCP pupil. As I answered his questions, and discussion turned to one particular pupil, it was my headteacher who prompted me by saying ‘You have a case study about this pupil, don’t you?’ I took it out and read it through – not word for word – but in enough detail to highlight to him how we support pupils with SEND at our school. As I left the meeting, he said as I went out the door ‘That case study was great. Well done.’ He never looked at the case study but it gave me the confidence to discuss how one pupil’s needs were being met without waffling on or forgetting key points. It didn’t take me long to create. (I’ve removed the school’s header and footer for safeguarding purposes as well as refer to the child as Child A and use initials for adults involved).

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