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Hi Jude

I’m afraid I don’t have similar experience of using Mac laptops in exams. They are rarely used in English schools.

The best I can do is offer suggestions that might lead you to a fully researched solution.
I presume you will have explored Mac’s Pages, which is built-in. You can work offline and turn off the automatic spelling and grammar correction facility, but I do not know whether you can completely exclude access to spelling and grammar checking. Pages does provide header or footer.
You can purchase Crick’s DocPlus (as already mentioned) which will enable easy management in exams. It is expensive – £990 for 10 laptops for three years. (£660 for 5 laptops.) You will also have to ensure the candidates have fully familiarised themselves with the word processor before use in exams. (Not too difficult!)
If you are stuck with TextEdit, I presume you know you can turn off spelling and grammar checks (in Preferences,) but would have to supervise closely enough that a candidate won’t try and switch these back on! When saving the document finally (it saves automatically while in use) you can save it as a Word document (choices available in Save) which would allow addition of the header/footer information I mentioned before.

No ideal simple solution that I know about. Maybe someone else knows better.