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I am sorry if I have not quite understood this right-but does he have an EHCP yet? In the LAs where I have worked, the EHCP must be applied for by parents, or school so it may be worth checking out (gps and paediatricians do sometimes add letters of support, but they cannot apply for it around here). Most specialist provisions will require an EHCP to enable a pupil to access them, however some will offer Observation and Assessment placements, or may be able to take a pupil who is on the assessment pathway. If you can continue to try and reach the SEN team this will be useful-perhaps see if they have an administrator working within the team who can direct you to the right person. They’ll know more about any provision that he can access without an EHCP or while he is going through the process

If you can draw on any resource you have available (I know it will depend where you are) such as your link EP if available, this might help support with some ideas, and also with evidence gathering. There may also be some resources around for children with acquired brain injuries (for school or parents)

As others have said, it will be really useful to start gathering your evidence together-what does he need, what support is he receiving, what is the impact of this support. ABC charts can be very useful to explore what his triggers are, what is happening, and also what staff are doing to de-escalate and support at these times (it sounds from what you have written as though the environment is causing a lot of the difficulty which sometimes cannot be changed, but this will provide evidence). Has he got a provision map showing the level of support that he needs as well as this can be useful.

I am sorry if I have completely misunderstood and he has a final EHCP in place, then the advice about an early annual review is the best way forward (and if you can, invite someone from SEN to attend-though I know this can be really hard to get in stretched SEN teams). Focus on the provision that he needs (i.e. quiet spaces, smaller class sizes, interventions and resources etc). If he does have an EHCP, he should have the provision listed-so have a look and see what has been recommended (this might help with some next steps or support, or you might feel that it is not very reflective of his needs).

Also how old is he? Would a part time timetable be appropriate, with the plan in place to gradually increase in time.