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    This is very interesting as it’s definitely not clear to us as professionals what the different pay strands represent payment for. I always believed SEN allowance was designed for direct teaching of SEN – the definition on TES is:

    “Special educational needs (SEN) allowances

    *Classroom teachers* who *teach* pupils with special education needs are entitled to an additional allowance.

    Those who work in a special school, work in a post that requires a SEN qualification or teach pupils in designated special classes are entitled to an allowance.”

    I checked on The Key and it says:

    “Your governing board *must* award a special educational needs (SEN) allowance to a classroom teacher in:

    * Any SEN post that requires a mandatory SEN qualification (i.e. teachers of pupils with visual and/or hearing impairments) and involves teaching pupils with SEN
    A special school
    * 1 or more designated special classes or units in a school
    * Any non-designated setting (including any pupil referral unit) that is analogous to a designated special class or unit, where the post:
    – Involves a substantial element of working directly with children with SEN
    – Requires the teacher’s professional skills and judgement in the teaching of children with SEN
    – Has a greater level of involvement in the teaching of children with SEN than is the normal requirement of teachers throughout the school or unit within the school
    This is explained on page 27 of the STPCD linked above.

    A ‘classroom teacher’ is “a qualified teacher who is not a member of the leadership group or on the pay range for leading practitioners” (see page 56 of the STPCD). ”

    However, I think academies can do their own thing….