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When I became SENDCO I was teaching a small group of children, all in one year group, with SEMH who came to me 4 mornings a week and were still part of their class, and I adapted the teacher’s class planning for them. The rest of the time was SEN time . The resourced provision was run by a full time teacher, who also got the same TLR.

Due to restructure, I am now the teacher for that provision, which is effectively 2 classes as some learners are severe and complex, and others dip into the NC, and some are academically age appropriate but with communication /interaction / SEMH needs, we run two timetables and two very different curriculums, but I am only the teacher O.5 -so I have to oversee the planning and running of the room by the Support staff the rest of the time – and that’s why I think I should get SEN allowance too. The age range runs across 2 key stages and the ability range from engagement model to about Year 2. So it’s a MASSIVE role to get right without even thinking about the SENDCO bit!

In my previous post I was an SEN class teacher as part of a resource within a mainstream school (but not lead teacher , and not a SENDCO), and I got the SEN allowance and my scale payment. However the resourced provision was nowhere near as challenging a role, in terms of ability span, behaviour, meeting social needs, sensory needs etc etc

My way of thinking is that the SEN allowance is for contact hours with majority SEN in your class ie with EHCP or equivalent high needs top up. SENDCO is more about implementing the SEN Policy and advising teachers on how to work with minority SEN in their classes whether addressed through top up or reasonable adjustments to QFT.