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I am new to teaching so can’t say I know what your next steps might be….however I might think about a number of factors that may increase or decrease a heightened phobic response such as
Time of day
Colour of plate
Range of utensils
Food texture – liquidised or solids
Length of time to eat
Frequency – like finger food options hourly
Presentation – verbal information at which time and what amount of prompt or repetition
Shape of table
Contrasting colours of table cloths, cutlery, plate etc
Oral hygiene – is there a teeth cleaning need prior and after eating
Is there a need for a clothing cover if preferring cleanliness
Would confidence be built if eating took place of same goods in tandem
Type of food might be reviewed such as less aromatic food types or choices
Food touching each other might need to think about using separation dishes – making good more ‘honest’

The list can be endless and sometimes it is only a few small changes that unlock a positive choice but a forensic observational approach over a period of time will enable understanding of the relationship with food

I am sure you will have considered this but I would wonder about weight height BMI currently and historically – should this be a joint concern?

Just a few thoughts – hope they are helpful