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Bunmi, all the SENDCOs I meet feel like this. It’s pants but we do our best and some children slip through the net..
Re annual review stating you can’t meet need – you need meticulous evidence. Provision map every minute of provision. Show you’ve tried every intervention or programme going. Present behaviour records and tallies abc charts escalation curves – the works. Violence and aggression reporting, assaults on peers and staff. My Concern every incident.. put them on p/t timetable only with agreement of LA SEND office. Your best bet, if parents persist in wanting your school, is having social care involvement
I have loads of incorrectly placed pupils and in my experience the annual review gets ignored and I have to get parents to appeal the decision of the annual review when SEND send out the letter saying no changes are necessary. It’s easier to go to tribunal before the pupil starts if you can. If all else fails pay for AP with the EHCP money