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    I’ve used provision map in the past and found it very user friendly and easy to sync with SIMS (dont know about any other MIS’s).
    Customer service is great
    And the meeting log is very helpful for everyone to keep track of all conversations with parents (when teachers have meetings that they don’t tell you about!) or even now that I have left that school – all of my meeting logs are easy to find so that there is no miscommunication.

    We did have the ‘add-on’s of Round Robins and Safeguard My school – which I also like -but its a bit frustrating that you have to buy them separately (although they obviously do a group deal). But it is as good as you make it – so make use of the support team.

    Provision Map were also excellent during Lockdown and provided lots of useful free seminars (at a time when others seemed to be trying to cash in) so a good company ethos and attitude too.