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I think some of the skills are achievable but the experience and use of language would be beyond.

Level 2 functional skills is roughly low grade gcse

You will also have to find out if you are able to register learners. Level 1 and 2 are externally marked do you have an exams officer. Is the senco able to complete form 8 requirements for access arrangements. Has someone been trained in the jcq requirements. For functional skills you can’t have access arrangement for the specific thing test ie no scribe for writing, no reader for reading etc

The speaking and listening requires 3-4min presentation with answering complex questions, and then listening to someone else and asking questions. Then take part in discussion for 15 mins about a topic turn taking independently from staff. People tend to disregard for this part but it can be the most tricky for sen pupils. Without all three passed they can’t get the qualification as they don’t allow spiky profiles anymore.

I would do a focus on the topics but what will the pupils do with the qualification? Will it help them to achieve it 5 years earlier than peers? Are they going to plateau or deteriorate?