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    1. Students in my school overseas, have scribe as normal working practice in school ,well established as needed for day to day lessons and for internal assessments/ tests as needed. They may have dyspraxia,
    Diagnosed, or speed of writing with very low standard score, which is needed and assessed by qualofe D assessor,, to be allowed when applying for access arrangements. This use of scribe is recorded by staff ,so that it’s evidenced based when I make application for access arrangements on the Form 8′ section A. They have these for mocks. I have just introduced voice activated software too, for future use ,if this is better for students who have an additional need. If you read all the JCQ exam board access arrangements you will see there what is needed. I have used Real training for advice and staff training.. No personal gain from this company ,but because of the remoteness of where we are, I have been able to establish close working links with them for the access arrangements processes. Well worth looking at their site and doing any training with them even if not in UK.
    2. Yes for Engl Lang .but check what each exam board says as they stipulate very clearly when a scribe can and can’t be used for various papers.
    Hope this helps and happy to expand more if needed.
    Jenny SENCO