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I’m in a similar position. I’ve just taken on the SENDco role at my school and several pupils with diagnosis aren’t on the register. Now I feel that all children with a named condition should be on the register – firstly because they were clearly diagnosed for a reason and even if they are doing well now things may change and that change may be due to their condition – I don’t think we should dismiss their condition because at this moment they are ok. Secondly as a teacher I wouldn’t want to be in the position of not realising a child has a diagnosis and then meeting with the parents and having that awkward conversation. As a class teacher I check the record every time I get a new class and if it’s not there I miss it – then I’m in a parents’ evening with a parent asking about a condition that I don’t know they have. As a secondary teacher where you might have 200 pupils in a year this kind of information is vital. I think all issues should be listed for a FYI if nothing else.
I like Dionne’s suggestion about having separate lists to show different levels of intervention but having all pupils on the original list.