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Hi Jim, I haven’t used any as yet, but have many downloaded as part of my course. 1- Lesson study Workbook by University of Cambridge and Camden, Pete Dudley. 2- http://www.lessonstudy.co.uk also Pete Dudley.

Then these are the notes from my course:
What works
Arrange an opportunity ahead of the Lesson Study for the group to share with colleagues what they have done, learned and refined – especially in the key teaching technique being developed. If people know in advance that they will have to share their findings with others, then
they will bear this in mind throughout the proceedings. This helps the Lesson Study group keep their thinking and their findings clear, more useable and replicable by others.

Video clips of the study lessons and digital photos embedded in PowerPoint presentations are a popular way of conveying lesson practice and processes. (You will need to ensure you have a school policy in place on the use of video and photos.)

Arrange opportunities for members of the Lesson Study group to work with other teachers in order to help coach the pedagogic technique they have evolved, adapted or refined.

Remember that articulating and explaining practice and making it visible to others:
• helps those learning from their peers improve their practice;
• improves the performance of the person doing the explaining or coaching. This is because the process makes visible what is often tacit knowledge of practice – which teachers use but never express. Articulating this helps them become more aware of their knowledge themselves and therefore more able to improve it further.

Celebrate and value what has been learned and shared.

Create a ‘learning wall’ in the staffroom where a Lesson Study group can display their work – photos, notes, observations, discussion outcomes, pupil interviews and tentative conclusions. This creates staffroom talk about
professional learning long after the formal sharing is over.