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    Good morning,

    I work for an online tutoring company that help children aged between 6-16 develop their English, Maths and science skills by supporting local schools and helping them become more confident, achieve their aims, catch up and stay ahead. We currently work with over 80 of the virtual schools in England, as well as over 250 primary and secondary schools.

    Here is a list of the different ways we worked with schools last year:
    • Year 7 catch up
    • Pupil Premium Intervention
    • Looked after children
    • EAL students
    • Year 11 Exam preparation
    • Year 11 intervention for large groups
    • Year 6 SATs preparation
    • Long term sickness students
    • Excluded students
    • Staff Training
    • Gifted and Talented students
    • 11+ support
    • Year 12 students who have to continue studying maths and English
    • Students who are frequently out of school due to sports commitments
    • Saturday morning clubs
    • Summer schools for Year 10 transition or year 6 transition
    • Year 9 intervention
    • Holiday revision lessons

    If online learning is of interest, please drop me an email at