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    Hi, i use the 5 conditions evidence of normal working practice form that Real Training provide. Staff CPD at start of each year so they know what access arrangements mean. Real training do this too , you buy into there service, not expansive and can have video training, so you don’t deliver it but set up the video and watch it!

    I have evidence of normal working practice on IEPs / student passports that staff give me and I collate that, as well as assessments that I have done for Section A
    Where I work i have to spoon feed but that’s fine as I gather evidence from Y 9 onwards and actually get the assessments etc all done in middle of Y 10. Happy to give support and more detail, if you email me. I can send forms too if that helps?
    BTW , I don’t work for Real Training ,but they have been invaluable in helping me when I moved to work abroad and needed to establish systems in the secondary school. I am still there for few more months then will be back in UK.