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There’s quite a lot to unpack in PE.
1) It is often noisy/fast – especially in the hall – so they might need access to ear defenders and also for the PE session to include resistance activities/yoga at the start/end/middle to help organise
2) if there are any coordination issues then there is anxiety of not knowing what to do – repetition can help and also giving mum/dad the new activities to practice at home
3) movement can increase arousal ++ so looking at short bursts and a place/few strategies the student can go to/use to help themselves to down regulate
4) if they can’t stay where they are meant to, a visual marker e.g. spot on the floor or mat, can be a huge help (especially for warm-ups where children have to stay put)
5) reasonable structure to the lesson and potentially a now/next/then plan – i.e. first is warm-up of x, then is catching/throwing, then is kicking…..

Make it successful and have supports he can access prior to behaviour deteriorating – usually this occurs due to overwhelm – which can be driven by sensory over load, or in some cases excitement!