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Take a Trauma Informed approach, offer nurture support. Nurture support is based on Thrive activities which are hands-on and involve cooking, gardening, making, creating and building with limited (strictly monitored) computer time. They are one-to-one.

Reduced timetable, starting at 30 minutes or 1 hour, with parent (if needed) and in a separate room if required. Whatever it takes for the child to know they are safe.

I worked at a school where a child spent an entire term working on their own in the head teacher’s office. They started with 30 minutes and built up to whole mornings. Socially, they could have one friend to spend break time with (away from other children) – this also was incremented gradually. The child set the pace, with encouragement (but not pressure) from trusted staff members.

It will take a lot of time and effort. It is unlikely you have the staff and resources to manage this. You will need to be creative with getting funds, resources if needs be. Ask governors to volunteer etc.
As the child was already anxious, this sounds like a re-trauma and needs serious and dedicated support.

I hope this helps.