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We have also recently (April 2022) established an ‘inclusion room’ that we primarily use for teaching small intervention groups. We decided to target students in KS3 English lessons, taking out 4-5 students from each class and teaching them what they would be learning in their mainstream class, however more adapted to suit their needs. The class teacher shares their teaching slides and I use programmes like Widgit (https://widgitonline.com/account/documents) to help with vocabulary etc. include movement breaks and generally aim to incorporate strategies that will support their learning. This approach works for us at the moment, as I used to be a mainstream English teacher and have moved into inclusion/SEN over the past few years. We also use IDL (https://appuk.idlsgroup.com/#/login) – a numeracy and literacy programme. It’s still early days for us too, but I hope that helps a little.