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We have three ‘Hubs’ in our mainstream secondary school (950 on roll). We rota our TA staff so that they are in the classrooms and the Hubs during the two-week timetable.
Hub 1 is our primary room. We have ‘Meet and Greet’ here every morning. It’s used at social time, and for when students need to use their Exit Cards from class. It is a cosy, nurturing space with sofas and tables, games, books etc.. Hub 2 is more like a classroom and is used for small group interventions, very quiet working, and for students who need a peaceful, non-fussy environment. Some students work independently here with TA and teacher support. Hub 3 is our more lively hub! Students who present with challenging behaviour, who are loud, boisterous, angry etc, can come to Hub 3 and de-escalate. Some students come to Hub 3 first thing in the morning for breakfast.
All three offer nurture and support. Some students will use all three spaces.
We’re in Dorset, so not close to you… although if you fancy a trip to the seaside, you’re very welcome!