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From a parent perspective, my daughter takes ADHD medication (Equasym XL) and was told by the prescribing Dr to take it at certain times ie 8.30am. As her school bus left at 7.10am arriving at school about 8.20am we sent a box of medication in monthly as the prescription was refilled.
The medication only lasted until lunchtime even so, over time the dose has increased and it now lasts until about 2pm but it’s noticeable when it wears off and any incidents at school (ie those things causing exclusions!) happened during this period of the day – she definitely needs the meds to be working to have any chance of success at school, for afternoon GCSEs she took a second dose as there was no way she could pass without
Now she is at work (apprentice maintenance engineer) her employer have no issue with the medication being taken at work.