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You will need to make sure you have observed the child in class and evidenced this with notes and recommendations. It’s good practise to make reference to the universal and targeted provision they are receiving and justify how you are spending the Element 2 funding – 1:1 support, check ins, learning and SEMH interventions, off site education etc, how often this is happening and the impact. Make sure all staff are recording each intervention session they lead with the child – it doesn’t need to be a fancy format, just referencing what they have done, how the session went and proposed next steps for the following sessions. They are also likely to need an ISP/ILP/IEP (depending on what you call them), which must be reviewed and reframed each term with parents and children, with half termly monitoring between you and the teacher. Make sure any referrals to external services are in to show you have recognised and are seeking support for their needs. If you haven’t already, book an appointment with the educational psychologist, if this is appropriate, to assess and observe the child in school.

My LA ask for recommendations from professionals to be worked on for at least 2 terms so make sure you’re not applying too soon and everything is in place consistently enough to show progress/lack of.

I hope that helps!