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Ideally, all access arrangements and generally screening tests would be administered in an individual’s native language, especially if they grew up learning in the language (like I am assuming is the case for pupils at your school). However, in order to use the results of these assessments as access arrangements evidence, they would need to be done within 24 months of the exam to be taken and you would also need the qualification of the assessor and him/her compiling the second part of Form 8 for these pupils.
It sounds like the pupil you are enquiring about has a good grasp of the English language as they have lived and learned in the UK for 6 years now. I think it is worth carrying out assessments now in English and gathering the evidence you need this way. It will be easier for you to liaise with an assessor rather than trying to find the one that carried out the initial assessments from years ago! Even better if you or a colleague can carry out assessments in school.