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Hi Sarah,

Just reading through your post and the comments. It’s an interesting topic! Everyone is right that currently you need to be a qualified teacher to become a SENCO and then you would do the NASENCO qualification within 3 years of being in the post – you need to have QTS or QTLS to do this but can actually start NASENCO as an aspiring SENCO if you wish as long as you have the support of your school. I’m not sure where you are based and whether there is a face-to-face course option for you but if you are looking at completing the NASENCO, we (Real Training) offer an online option which is flexible as you can work at your own pace throughout the year, fully supported by a 1-2-1 tutor and a network of peers. We are also the only provider to offer an international version of this – I know you mentioned working overseas. If you were to be based in an international setting, the iSENCO course is more relevant and means you don’t need QTS or QTLS. You can also do a UK top up module for free which would give you NASENCO if you decide to return to the UK to work as a SENCO in a mainstream school – but you would need QTS or QTLS to do this. I hope this is helpful anyway. Feel free to get in touch or have a look at the iSENCO and/or NASENCO courses on our website: realtraining.co.uk

Good luck!